64 Remote Work Apps List and Guide

64 Remote Work Apps List and Guide

64 Remote Work Apps List and Guide

For just about every hole in our lives, there is an app to fill it (at least the virtual ones). Remote work is rising and turning our workplace into a virtual one. No more whiteboard and sticky notes. We now must find apps to replace our office space and the tools within it. As a remote company we have tried some of the best and some of the worst apps for remote work. In this article we will tell you which ones we recommend and help you decide which ones you should consider for your remote team.

Remote team apps for remote workers and companies.

Top video conferencing tools for remote teams:

1. Google Meet

If you have G Suites or love Google then this is the option for you. Google Meet is free for up to 100 participants and any meeting under 1 hour. Google Meet will work with pretty much any device and is incredibly easy to use. My favorite features are that you can use it with the browser and have all of your Google contacts.

Price: Free – $10/mo per active user – $20/mo per active user

2. Zoom

Zoom has managed to be in the news a lot lately. Zoom is a video conferencing tool that also features Zoom Phone which is a modern cloud phone solution. They have many addons like recording and include group collaboration tools such as whiteboard and screen sharing. The free version allows up to 100 participants, unlimited 1 to 1 meetings, and 40 min limit on group meetings;1 on 1 meetings have unlimited time. They also utilize SSL and AES 256 bits encryption.

Price: Free – $14.99/mo/host – $19.99/mo/host

3. Skype

Skype is the original video conferencing tool and is still used by many businesses worldwide. Skype is now owned by Microsoft, but still is an incredible free option for businesses to use. Skype is free for up to 50 participants and has unlimited call time. They also have paid plans that allow you to call landlines.

Price: Free

4. Microsoft Teams

If you need something more, then you might want to consider Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams has a lot of features for remote teams. Your team can use Microsoft Teams for free and host online and video conferencing meetings. If you have a larger team or want options like meeting recordings, then you will want to use their paid version.

Price: Free – $5/user/mo – $12.50/user/mo – $20/user/mo (all with annual commitments)

5. UberConference

UberConference is a great conferencing tool that has a really easy to use dashboard. Features that make them standout are voice intelligence transcriptions and task summaries. You can use UberConference for free with up to 10 participants and calls lasting up to 45 mins. This makes it great for small teams that need something quick and easy.

Price: Free – $20/organizer ($15/mo/annually)

6. Join.Me

Join.me is another stand alone video conferencing tool. They have a lot of great features that are great for teams. There is not a free version available, but they do have a free trial available. Their cheapest plan is $10/mo/user and allows up to 5 participants per meeting with no time limits. The largest plan allows up to 250 participants per meeting.

Price: $10/user/mo – $20/user/mo – $30/user/mo

7. FaceTime

Does everybody on your team have Apple products? If your company uses only Apple products, then you could use FaceTime for your video conferences. FaceTime is free to use for all Apple users. Of course this isn’t a great option if you need to make calls to people with other devices.

Price: Free

8. Webex

Cisco is a well known technology company. You might not know that they also have their own video conferencing app for remote teams. Webex’s free option allows up to 100 participants in each meeting and meetings up to 50 minutes. They have a lot of great features and are incredibly secure. 

Price: Free – $14.95/host/mo – $19.95/host/mo – $29.95/host/mo (Pay annually and save 10%)

9. GoToMeeting

If you still have an office space and may want to have video conferencing that includes the office and remote workers, this is a great option. GoToMeeting is a great app by LogMeIn for remote teams. There is not a free plan, but this is one of the best for companies with both office and remote workers. GoToMeeting has a lot of features that you should look over before going with another.

Price: $12/organizer/mo – $16/organizer/mo

10. Jitsi

Need something free and quick? Jitsi is an open source video conferencing app for remote teams that is completely free. Now you can start a call and encrypt it with either a passcode or End-to-end encryption. For quick, free, and easy video calls Jitsi is really a great option. Go ahead and give it a try, it’s free!

Price: Free

11. FreeConference

Another great option is FreeConference. This video conferencing app is free for up to 100 participants. They also have paid options that include many more features like recording and YouTube live video streaming. 

Price: Free – $9.99/mo – $34.99/mo

12. Viber

Viber is a unique option. This communication app is free and has many great options to chat with your remote team. You can video chat, share things, and more. You can even create communities.

Price: Free

Top remote team chat apps:

13. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular app that allows you to chat, make voice and video calls, and more. WhatsApp for business allows you to create a profile, have quick replies set, and label chats. This is a really great option for international teams and is completely free.

Price: Free

14. Telegram

Telegram is very popular in Europe and becoming more popular in the USA. Telegram is a secure messaging app much like WhatsApp that allows you to have your messages self-destruct. If you need a free app that will allow your team to communicate worldwide, you may want to give telegram a try.

Price: Free

15. Zoho Cliq

Zoho has many tools for remote teams. Zoho Cliq is their chat app for businesses and remote teams. If you have a remote team and haven’t chosen a set platform to use for everything, Zoho is a really great and affordable option. Zoho Cliq has a free version that can get your team started. 

Price: Free – $3 /user/mo (Price declines with more users and annual payment)

16. Line

Line is another mobile app much like Whatsapp that will allow your remote team to stay connected for free. You can text, call, and share files internationally with Line. Line also allows you to make groups. Line also has a paid plan for calling numbers outside of Line. 

Price: Free

17. Wechat

Another less known tool is Wechat. Wechat is a free app that allows you to chat, and make video and voice calls to any device. If you have an international team, then you may want to give Wechat a try. Wechat also allows for group video chats. 

Price: Free

18. Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace is a great place for team collaboration. Remote teams can use this app by Facebook to chat, have calls, and share files. The free plan with Facebook Workplace has everything that your team needs to get started. For more features such as surveys, safety checks, and more; you can upgrade to their advanced or enterprise plans. 

Price: Free – $4/person/mo – $8/person/mo

19. Slack

Slack is one of our favorite apps to use for chatting with our team or customers. The best part about slack is that it has a massive amount of integrations available. If you are using Google Drive, Office 365, or other tools; Slack will work seamlessly with these apps. Their free version allows you to get started and includes voice and video calls.

Price: Free – $6.67/user/mo – $12.50/user/mo

20. Google Chat

If you have G Suite, then you already have a powerful chat app. Google Chat is a great team messaging tool that works on all devices. Google chat has strong security, search, and bots. 

Price: Free – $6/user/mo – $12/user/mo – $25/user/mo

21. Mattermost

Mattermost is a very powerful and secure messaging app that brings your conversations and files into a single location. They do not have a free plan, but have very reasonable pricing. Mattermost also includes a native app for pretty much every device. They also allow for guest accounts in case you need to bring someone in for temporary collaboration. 

Price: $3.25/user/mo – $8.50/user/mo

22. Twist

Twist is a really great option for team chatting. With Twist you can have your internal emails, chat, groups, and threads all at your fingertips. Twist is packed with features and allows you to get started for free with unlimited guests. If you are looking at Slack, then you may want to check Twist out and compare. We absolutely love their simple and affordable pricing.

Price: Free – $5/user/mo

23. Carrot.io

Carrot.io is a great chat app that organizes your remote communication. You can integrate Carrot with Slack and create a daily newsletter to stay in sync. Carrot also allows you to see who opened your posts among many other features. The best part is Carrot is free for up to 20 people.

Price: Free (up to 20 people) – $4/user/mo

24. Flock

Flock is much more than just a messaging app for your remote team. Flock is a complete team collaboration tool. With Flock remote teams can really stay organized and find things easily. They also have a free plan that will let you get started and upgrade when you need it.

Price: Free – $6/mo – $10/mo

25. OpenPhone.co

A digital phone system for remote teams.

Price: $10/mo/user

26. Wire

If security is your primary concern then you may want to consider using Wire. Wire boasts itself as a place where the most advanced security meets a superior user experience. 

Price: $5.83/user/mo – $9.50/user/mo (when billed annually)

27. Spike Now

If you are tired of switching between docs, email, calendar, and chat… then Spike Now is the answer. Spike Now allows you to combine all of these into one easy to use inbox. This makes remote communication much easier to keep track of. 

Price: Free – $5.99/active account per month

Top file management and collaboration apps for remote teams:

28. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular options for managing files. Google drive is secure, easy to use, and works with all devices. You can use Google Drive for free or with G Suites. Google drive makes it incredibly easy to share and collaborate with others live or offline. 

Price: Free – $6/user/mo – $12/user/mo – $25/user/mo

29. OneDrive

If you are used to using Microsoft products, then you may want to use OneDrive by Microsoft. OneDrive is a cloud platform that allows you to store and collaborate on files. Be sure to compare plans, Microsoft has plans that don’t include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are very close to the price as ones that do. 

Price: $5/user/mo – $10/user/mo – $12.50/user/mo

30. Canto DAM

If you have a large amount of content and content such as images or videos, Canto might be a good choice. Canto tailors their pricing packages to meet each client’s needs. Their platform is very customizable and great for larger or creative organizations. Canto is great for creative agencies that have a lot of content. 

31. Dropbox

A very popular option is Dropbox. Dropbox is a file storage app that allows remote teams to collaborate and share files easily. One of our favorite features is their 180 days of file recovery. We also love their document watermarking.

Price: $15/user/mo – $25/user/mo (if paid monthly)

32. Sync

Sync is HIPA, GDPR, and PIPEDA compliant. They have many tools and are a great option for remote teams that have a lot of files. Sync has great pricing for the amount of features that they include. 

Price: $5/user/mo – $8/user/mo – $15/user/mo

33. Quip

Quip is a little bit more than just file storage. Quip has a really great user interface that is easy to use and easy for teams to collaborate. You can even have 1-to-to messages and group chats. Their pricing is simple and includes unlimited documents, spreadsheets, and slides. 

Price: $10/user/mo or $25/user/mo (when paid annually) 

34. Box.com

Box is another app that is file storage and collaboration for remote teams. 

Price: $7/user/month – $20/user/month – $33/user/month – $47/user/month

Top remote team project management apps:

35. Basecamp

Managing a remote team can be complicated and stressful. Basecamp is a great tool for streamlining your project management and team collaboration. The best part is their very simple flat pricing.

Price: $99/month

36. Monday

A popular choice for remote teams is the monday.com app. 

Price: $39/mo – $639/mo depending on the size of your team

37. Asana

Asana is a really great tool that allows you to manage your team and projects. We love their easy to use platform and have used them before for plenty of things including sales cycles. The best part is you can get started for free with up to 15 teammates. 

Price: Free – $10.99/user/month – $24.99/user/month (When paid annually)

38. Microsoft Project

If you use Microsoft products or are looking for only a project management tool, then you may want to give Microsoft Project a try. Microsoft Project is a very easy to use project management app for remote teams. 

Price: $10/user/month – $30/user/month – $55/user/month (annual commitment)

39. Trello

Trello has a really unique user interface and makes collaborating online fun. Their card and board system is really easy to use. The best part is that you can get started using their app for free with up to 10 team boards. If you are looking for a more creative collaboration app, then I really recommend giving Trello a try.

Price: Free – $12.50/user/month (the more users you have the more you save)

40. Functionfox

Function fox is a timesheet and project management app for remote teams. If you need to control budgets, keep track of milestones, and more Functionfox is a great choice. 

Price $5/user/month ($35/m for 1st user) – $10/user/month ($50/m for 1st user) – $20/user/month ($150/m for 1st user) 

41. Hive

Hive is a very comprehensive project management app for remote teams that includes time tracking and timesheet reporting. They also have many addons that you can purchase. 

Price: $16/user/month or $12/user/month (annual payment)

42. Zoho Projects

Zoho has many wonderful apps for remote teams. Zoho Projects is their great project management app. You can get started with their free plan with up to 3 users and 2 projects.

Price: Free  or $3 – $6/user/month depending on team size. 

43. Workfront

Another project management and team collaboration tool. 

Price: Available Upon Request

44. 10,000ft

A smartsheet app for project management and collaboration.

Price: $14 month for individuals or $25/user/month (annually)

45. Float

Allows you to plan projects and schedule your team’s time. A very great planner type project management app.

Price: $5/person/month – $10/person/month

46. TaskWorld

A great easy to use project management, task tracking, collaboration app for remote workers. 

Price: $13/user/month or $30/user/month (save 27% when paid annually)

47. MeisterTask

MeisterTask has a truly easy to use and beautiful interface for managing tasks and projects. They also have a free basic plan for up to 3 projects. We love their simple pricing plans. 

Price: Free – $8.25/month – $20.75/month

48. JIRA

Project management for software development teams.

Price: Free – $7/user/month – $14/user/month

Top time tracking apps for remote work:

49. Time Doctor

Price: $7/user/month – $10/user/month – $20/user/month

50. Harvest 

Price: Free or $12 per user per month

51. Hubstaff

Price: $7/user/month – $10/user/month – $20/user/month

52. Toggl

Price: $10/user/month or $20/user/month (can save by paying annually)

52. Clockify.me

Clockify.me is truly free with unlimited users, tracking, projects, and reports. You can buy upgrades if you want. 

Price: FREE (with a lot of features!) – $9.99/month – $29.99/month

53. Everhour

Everhour is free for up to 5 users.

Price: Free – $5/user/month

54. Timely

Price: $15/month to $250/month

55. HourStack

Price: $7/user/month or $15/user/month or save by paying annually

57. Timeneye

Price: Free or $6/user/month

58. TimeIQ

Price: $5 per person per month

Top remote work scheduling apps:

59. Calendly

Price: Free – $10/user/month – $15/user/month or save by paying annually

60. Acuity

Price: Free – $15/month for one user – $25/month for 6 calendars – $50/month for 36 calendars

61. Appointy

If you need to set appointments you may want to consider appointy. 

Price: Free – $29.99/month – $59.99/month – $99.99/month or save by paying annually. 

62. Google Calendar

Google calendar is great for people already using Google products or G Suites. It is also a great free option.

 63. Humanity

For planning shift options, you may want to consider Humanity.com 

Price: $3/user/month or $4/user/month when paid annually. (Minimum $80/month)

64. Homebase

Homebase is another completely free option with other plans that include more for your team. 

I hope this list helps you discover the right apps for your remote team. Do you know an app that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments!!!

Please Note: Pricing may have changed. Be sure to check with the companies.

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