How To Get A Remote Job Without A Degree.

How To Get A Remote Job Without A Degree.

How To Get Remote Jobs Without A Degree.

The idea of traditional college being a requirement to make a good living is going away. While more and more companies are switching to remote work, companies are also ditching college requirements for many positions. The world is changing and it might be in your favor if you know where to look. Let’s take a look at getting a remote job without a college degree. Oh, and by remote job we mean something that is going to pay a livable wage. No survey scams here.

Can you get a good remote job without a college degree?

This is the most common question that people ask when they begin their remote work journey. The answer is very simple: Yes! You can absolutely find great real remote jobs that pay a living wage. Some of these jobs may require some training, but in most cases are much easier to achieve than going to college. So if you don’t have a degree and want to live the nomad life, don’t worry.

Which careers and industries are best for people without a degree?

Certain industries will be easier to find remote jobs that do not require a degree. When it comes to finding a remote job that pays a living wage and doesn’t require a degree, the tech. industry is going to be your best bet. Other industries may include eCommerce, marketing, legal, editing, and other creative industries.

Careers that do not require a degree and pay a living wage are:

  • Customer Service & Support – This is perhaps the easiest to find and get started. Companies across multiple industries need customer support agents. Typically the only requirement is a good problem solving attitude and a friendly personality. Many companies will provide their own training on their products or services. 
  • Editing, Proofreading, Writing, Translating – The internet requires lots of content, emails, and marketing material… both creative and professional. There are many freelance and full-time positions available for anyone who is good with grammar and writing. 
  • Designer – Digital design for both video, web, and other is truly a highly sought after skill. The best part is that you can start practicing, teach yourself, and create a portfolio to show to employers for little to no cost.
  • Coder – You know longer need a college degree to become a computer program. I would recommend attending a coding bootcamp though in order to back-up your skills.
  • Assistant – Many CEO’s and others are bombarded with emails, calls, and trying to manage their schedule. A virtual assistant can really increase their productivity. 

Companies that don’t require remote workers to have a degree.


Google employee wearing a google shirt.

Google has always been ahead of the rest of the world. Not only are they big on remote positions, they are also ditching the college degree requirements for many of their positions. They are instead providing their own courses for potential employees to get certified with. 

The Remote Firm

We believe in freedom and are built around the concept of remote work. Check our job board for remote jobs positions posted by us. We promote travel as well and understand needing family time. 


Amazon is another company that has embraced remote work and is ditching college requirements for many positions. Head on over to their careers page and see what you can find.


Apple is quickly embarrassing remote work and is also ditching the college requirements. They also have great salaries on positions that we found.


At the time of writing this we did not see many positions that fit our requirements but we are seeing more and more. 


Salesforce has many training and certifications that you can get for their software. These certifications can help you get remote jobs with salesforce and with companies that use salesforce.

There are many more companies that are switching to remote work and ditching the college requirements. A simple search on the web or remote only job boards like ours and you can easily find startups and large companies hiring. The best thing to do is find the type of role you want and get experience in it or take a simple course to help yourself stand out from other applicants. 

What is your opinion on companies losing the college requirements? Let us know in the comments!

Justin Palmer is Founder and CEO of The Remote Firm

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