Nonprofits With Remote Work & Guide

Nonprofits With Remote Work & Guide

Nonprofits With Remote Work & Guide

Nonprofits are organizations that some may argue could stand to benefit the most from remote work. Nonprofits need help with a variety of things that can be done remotely such as answering phones, marketing, design, fundraising, coding, organizing, and more. Remote work also makes it easier for people to volunteer or work part-time jobs helping causes that they believe in. 

Nonprofits With Remote Work & Guide

Benefits of nonprofits allowing for remote work.

There are many wonderful benefits that companies get when they switch to remote working. Nonprofits have unique problems and stand to benefit even more from remote work. Here are a few examples of how remote work can benefit nonprofits:

  • Saves Money – Nonprofits are always struggling to raise money and to keep costs low. Remote work eliminates many expensive costs such as office space and other costs of having a physical space.
  • More Volunteers – Volunteers are great because they save money and help a nonprofit achieve their goals. However, volunteers can be hard to find. Remote work opens you up to volunteers around the world not just in your area. It also makes it easier for volunteers to work with their schedules.
  • More Culture – Since you have a wider talent pool to choose from, you will also be able to introduce your nonprofit to other cultures and languages. These cultures can bring more awareness to your cause and new ideas.
  • Happier Employees – Remote work makes for a better work-life balance and increases the overall happiness of employees. 

Things to consider before switching a nonprofit to remote work.

Before you make the switch to a remote working environment, even if it is for volunteers, there are a few things that you should consider. It is important to be proactive and protect yourself. Remote work gives you a wider talentpool to find good workers… but it also increases the chances of getting really bad ones. 

Here are a few things to consider before hiring remote workers for your nonprofit:

  • Use Remote Tools – There are many tools for collaboration, management, schedules, tracking, and more. Before you start, consider your process and decide which tools you want to use.
  • Manage User Roles & Access – Be careful who you give what access to. I’ve seen it before, when organizations give complete access to social accounts or other accounts and get in trouble when a volunteer goes rogue.
  • Not Everything Can Be Done Remotely – This may be obvious. Some things are just better done in person and for nonprofits this may apply more. Nonprofits tend to be very personal and people oriented. 
  • Communication Can Be Hard – This can go both ways. When your team is spread out especially in different time zones, communication can be slow and difficult. Try to schedule meetings and use group boards where everybody is involved.

How to find remote jobs for nonprofits.

There is no better career than one that you truly believe in and on that is making the world a better place. The problem used to be that you would have to move or even travel across the world to be able to work for these organizations. Now the internet and remote is allowing people to do their part in making the world a better place right from their home. The best way to find a remote job for a nonprofit is to search the web and reach out to the organization that is working on a cause you believe in. If they do not have a remote job position, then you can try to volunteer remotely and perhaps help make your own job. Browse our remote job board for nonprofit jobs.

Nonprofits that hire remote workers.

Wikimedia Foundation

If you are passionate about free information and knowledge, then you may want to join the Wikimedia Foundation. This foundation is famous for operating Wikipedia and other free information websites.

Food & Water Watch

Food and Water Watch is a nonprofit organization that advocates for safe food, clean water, and a livable climate. Something we can all agree on. They were on the frontlines of calling for a ban on fracking.

Make A Wish Foundation

If you haven’t heard of Make-a-Wish foundation please do a quick search. Make-a-Wish is a wonderful foundation. We found many remote internships with them. 

Teach For America

Teach for America is a group that works to expand educational opportunities and pursue equity in academic settings and beyond. If you are passionate about education then you may want to look them up.

Note: At the time of writing this article these companies were hiring remotely. Be sure to check with the company and see if they have any remote jobs.

Do you know of any nonprofits that are looking for remote help? Let us know in the comments!!


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