How To Setup A Remote Workstation | What You Need To Know

How To Setup A Remote Workstation | What You Need To Know

How To Setup A Remote Workstation | What You Need To Know

Remote work offers a lot of freedom. You can work on the road, at home, or in a hotel in Bali; as long as you have internet access. While a beach may sound nice, chances are you will be working from home most of the time. Your remote workstation is going to have a large impact on your productivity and is something that you should consider before taking a remote position.

As someone who has worked remotely and owns an all remote company I’ve learned the importance of your workspace. In this article I will guide you through setting up your remote workstation and how to make it more productive.

How to setup your remote workstation:

  1. Choose a quiet and well lit room.

Dedicating a specific room to work in is going to be one of the most important steps to setting up a productive remote workstation. You might be tempted to work in the living room next to your family, in the kitchen, or even outside. This is okay to do once in a while, but will kill your productivity. Some things to consider when choosing your remote work room are:

  • Choose a spot in your house that is quiet and does not have a lot of traffic. A high traffic area or noisy area means more distractions. Remember remote work requires a lot of self discipline.
  • Make sure the room is well lit with natural light and has a happy paint color. Color and lighting is known to have a big affect on our moods. A well lit and happy colored room will help lift your mood while grinding away.
  • Have a nice background. Remote work often requires a lot of video calls. In order for these video calls to be productive and to look professional, a nice background is a must.
  1. Choose a desk style that will suit you.

I have found that everybody has a different preference when it comes to desks. You should choose the one that fits you best and will help you be most productive. There are really 3 styles of desks to choose from for your remote workstation:

  • Standing Desks – Are for someone who needs to switch it up and work standing up once in a while. 
  • Large Desk – Are for someone who tends to need a lot of space. I prefer a large desk that allows me to have space for papers.
  • Minimalistic or Small Desks – If all of your work is online or you can be distracted easily or are just messy; then you may want to consider a small minimalist desk.
  1. Plan your organization.

If you will end up with files, papers, folders, or other physical forms of work; make sure that you start with being organized. I like to transfer my notes into organizational books. Before you even start, have a place for everything! This goes for your computers, make sure that you are organizing your work files as you work. This will save you time and stress, making you more productive. 

  1. Have dedicated work devices.

This is a big one for productivity and also security for your company. If your company does not provide you with a dedicated work device, try to get them to fund buying one. If you have a work computer or tablet that you are sharing with your family, it can be bad for productivity and possibly hurt your work. Family can un-organize your work, see things they shouldn’t, or cause a security breach. Have a dedicated work computer and make sure that it is locked.

  1. Keep distractions in a dedicated place.

Your phone can be useful and also a huge distraction. Often if I need to focus and am not using my phone for work, I set it on the other side of the room or turn it off completely. Having your phone next to you, even if you are not using it, is proven to pull from your attention. This also goes for tablets and anything else that might tempt you or pull from your distraction. 

  1. If you play music use a radio or speakers. 

Music can be a really great motivator and help pass the time while working. The best part about working from home is you can play your music at your workstation without bothering anyone. This can also be a huge distraction. It is not the music that is the distraction, it is choosing your next song. It is easy to get sucked into YouTube or end up swiping through Spotify for a good station… wasting a lot of time. If you want to play music use your phone or a radio and have it away from your desk. This will help stop you from spending countless minutes searching for the perfect song.

  1. Make space for movement or exercise. 

Working from home and long hours in front of the computer can cause burnout. Nobody is productive when they are burnt-out. Try to create a space near your desk where you can move around a bit or even get exercise on your short breaks. My favorite is the Total Gym which doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet I can still get the blood pumping throughout the day. It is also good for your eyes to take a break from the screen and focus on something further away. 

  1. Get plants and art.

Plants clean the air and also help improve our mood. Green is a pretty magic color. Speaking of color, art is also known to improve our productivity and mood. Don’t be afraid to decorate your remote workstation!

Make it yours!

When it comes down to it, everybody is different. What works for one person could be another person’s worst nightmare. Eliminate distractions and find out what works best for you and your productivity. Try different things!

What helps you be productive with your remote workstation?? Let us know in the comments!!

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