How to get listed on Apple Maps

How to get listed on Apple Maps

How to get listed on Apple Maps

The majority of local voice searches are people asking for directions. This means that people asking Siri will end up on Apple Maps. Here’s how to make sure that people can find you by listing your company on Apple Maps.

1. Go to the Apple Maps Connect page.

You can get started by visiting Apple Maps Connect page. Once you are there, sign in with your Apple ID or create an account.

Apple maps connect login page.

Get listed on Apple Maps

2. Choose your language.

Choose your language and if you would like to receive News and Notification from Apple Maps then op-in, if not then simply press Done.

Get listed your business on apple maps

3. Find or add your business.

Search for your business by entering the name and general location information. Select your business by clicking on it. If your business doesn’t come up on the list, then you can add it by clicking ‘Add new place’ and filling in the information.

Get listed on Apple Maps

4. Review and claim your business.

After choosing your business, you will be brought to a page with the business information. Review the information and make sure that it is your business. Once you are sure that it is your business, click Claim this place in the bottom right corner.

Get listed on Apple Maps

5. Update or edit the business details.

Once you click ‘Claim this place,’ you will be able to edit the business details. Make sure that your name is spelled correctly and that it is in the category that best describes your business. Once the information is correct click on the Next button.

6. Verify via phone.

The next step will be to verify ownership. Apple will call the business number and give you a verification code to use. Once verified, Apple will send you information on your listing and you are done! Now when people ask Siri where to find you; she’ll bring them right to you!

Get listed on Apple Maps

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