How to create a business Snapchat account.

How to create a business Snapchat account.

How to create a business Snapchat account.

Snapchat is still an under utilized platform for marketing. When most business owners think of Snapchat, they think of an app that only teens use. That is very far from the truth; today everybody is on Snapchat. Snapchat is a great creative way to communicate and build relationships with customers.

Snapchat even has a special business account that allows businesses and brands to create post, Ads, and have multiple account members.

Here is how to create a business Snapchat account.

1. Go to Snapchat For Business and click Create An Ad.

Start by going to Snapchat For Business and clicking on CREATE AN AD. Don’t worry, you do not have to create an ad, this is just their link that allows you to create a business account. You can create ads within the business account.

How to create a business Snapchat account.

2. Log In or Sign Up for a Snapchat account.

If you have a Snapchat account, then you can Log In. If you don’t have a Snapchat or want a separate account, then fill out the short form and create a Snapchat account. This will be the account that you will use for your business dashboard.

How to create a business Snapchat account.

3. Enter your business information.

The next step is to create your Snapchat Business Account. Fill in all of the information and be sure to use your Legal name as printed on your business documents and an email that will be viewed frequently. Snapchat AD campaigns and other Snapchat business notifications will come to this email. Once you are done click on Continue.

How to create a business Snapchat account.

4. Explore your dashboard.

Snapchat will first give you a step by step on how to create an ad. You can create an ad or skip this step and explore your dashboard by clicking in the top left corner. A drop down menu will show you all of your options in your Snapchat business account.

How to create a business Snapchat account.

Snapchat for business.

Your Snapchat for business account that you just created has many features. Snapchat for business is Snapchat’s solution for businesses and brands that want to grow using Snapchat’s advertising and features.

Snapchat for business has many features. These features include:

  • You can Create Ads for your specific goals.
  • Create and design posts using Snap Publisher.
  • You can Manage Running Ads.
  • Track analytics and optimize your account with Snap Pixel.
  • Build a creative library of Ads.
  • Reach specific people using Audiences.
  • Advertise your catalog on Snapchat.
  • Edit your business details.

Snapchat Ads.

Snapchat has two options when creating Ads. Instant Create allows you to quickly create and publish an ad in less than 5 minutes. Instant Create is perfect for those who are not tech savvy and just need a single ad. Advanced Create allows you to take full control and create larger campaigns. Advanced Create is what most businesses should use and learn how to use. By using this more advanced Ad creator, you will be able to make adjustments and most likely get more out of your campaign.

Create snapchat ads

Snap Publisher.

Creating unique and attractive posts is easy with Snap Publisher. Snap Publisher provides tons of templates and an easy to use design tool that allows businesses to create and save posts. The best part is you can use this from your desktop or tablet.

How to create a business Snapchat account.

Manage Ads.

Snapchat provides a great dashboard for managing all of your ads and campaigns. Here you can see how much you’re paying, ad analytics, and make changes. This is a great and easy way to manage your Snapchat for business ads.

Advertise on snapchat

Snap Pixel.

Snap Pixel is a great new tool that will help you advertise to your specific audience. First get your code from your Snapchat For Business account and paste it into your website. Snapchat will then give you analytics from your website and give you suggestions for advertising to your specific audience.

Snapchat For Business Audiences.

If you click on Audiences in your Snapchat For Business account, you will be able to import emails or device IDs of your customers. Snapchat will then help you reach your customers and their “lookalikes” (people who match your customers); this is a great feature and will help you get more out of your advertising.

Snapchat For Business Catalogs

Snapchat has a really great feature that allows you to create attractive catalogs. You can upload your CSV catalog from shopify and Snapchat for business will turn it into attractive ads. Snapchat charges per Swipe Up for these type of ads. This is really great for stores both international and local.

Snapchat catalogs Snapchat for business

Snapchat for business has some really amazing tools and is a great way to attract new customers. If you want to be creative with your marketing campaign, then explore Snapchat For business. The more diverse your marketing campaign, the more customers you’ll attract. Remember never use the exact same method for each network. What works on Facebook is very different from what works on Snapchat.

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