21 Places To Find Online Writing Jobs.

21 places to find remote writing jobs and remote editing jobs. Earn money writing.

21 Places To Find Online Writing Jobs.

One of the best ways to earn extra cash or find full-time remote work is with writing. Now, more than ever companies are looking to create content that stands-out, captivates their audience, and ranks. As the competition grows, so does the demand for talented writers.

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You could start your own blog or write a book, but in reality these take a lot of time to payoff. The quickest way to make money writing online is to either find a job or start freelancing. Finding legit writing jobs that pay well can be difficult. This list will help you find real legit writing jobs and freelance writing jobs that pay.

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21 Places to find online writing jobs.

Best places to find full-time and part-time writing jobs.

1. ProBlogger Job Board

ProBlogger is a website that features a lot of resources for someone looking to make a living writing. Their job board features many freelance, full-time, and contract writing jobs. Their job board has quality jobs that pay well and are with reputable companies.

2. JustRemote.co

JustRemote features remote jobs that are geared towards the marketing and creative side of things. You’ll find a variety of writing jobs on their job board. We found writing jobs for SEO writers, bloggers, technical writers, copywriters, and more.

3. The Remote Firm

The Remote Firm helps writers in two ways. You can find remote writing jobs on their remote only job board. Each job is carefully vetted to ensure quality. The second way to earn money is to write for The Remote Firm. The Remote Firm is a fast growing media/marketing company. We are constantly looking for talented writers!

4. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a job board that focuses on remote and work at home jobs. They also have a wide variety of remote writing jobs posted. You can use their search to narrow down the specific type of writing job that you are looking for.

5. Angel.co

Angel.co has grown in popularity and is a hub for businesses, investing, startups, and jobs. You can create a profile and apply to remote writing jobs right on their platform. Use the profile to feature your portfolio and resume!

6. Remote.co

Remote.co is a huge remote only job board that features all kinds of remote jobs. They also feature remote only writing jobs that are both full-time and part-time.

7. FreelanceWriting.com

Don’t let the name fool you. FreelanceWriting.com features plenty of great writing jobs that are full-time, part-time, and long-term contract. We found some great opportunities on their job board.

8. Poets & Writers

Are you looking for creative writing jobs? Poets & Writers features places to promote your writing, contests, and a job board. You’ll find some great creative writing jobs on their job board! Note: most positions that we found on their job board were not remote. Use the search!

9. JournalismJobs.com

Do you have a passion for exposing the truth and educating the masses? If you are looking for writing jobs in journalism, then you might want to check out JournalismJobs.com. We found a wide variety of full-time and part-time remote writing jobs on their job board.

10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to share your skills and make connections. They also feature a job search. We found many remote writing jobs that had great pay and benefits. You might want to consider publishing your articles on LinkedIn. This is a great place to get exposure and build your own audience.

Best places to find freelance writing jobs.

11. TextBroker

TextBroker is a platform that sells articles. As a writer you can choose from thousands of orders, get direct orders, or work on team projects. Pay per word depends on your rating. Pay is .7 cents/word – 5 cents/word. This is a great place to fill empty time and ear quick cash.

12. Meet A Writer

Meet A Writer is a platform that connects writers and writing projects. We found many freelance writing projects on here. One great feature with this platform is that you can find local projects.

13. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelancer platforms on the web. Upwork features many writing jobs and provides added payment protections. The only downside is most of these projects are looking for cheap workers. If you are in the USA it will help you to verify your address. This will give you access to USA only projects.

14. BloggingPro

BloggingPro is a really great resource for those looking to make a living blogging and writing. They have many great articles and other resources for bloggers. They also feature a job board that has some great projects.

15. Krop Creative

Krop Creative is a website that connects great companies with creatives. You can search their job board and create a portfolio on their website for companies to find.

16. ContentFly

ContentFly offers articles to clients that are SEO optimized. They are looking for high quality articles and have strict rules. If you aren’t a strong writer, then this is probably not the platform for you. If you are a strong writer, then you can expect to make an average of $0.05/per word.

17. Writer Access

If you are looking to earn more per word, then you may want to try Writer Access. You can earn up to $2 per word on their AI driven platform.

18. Guru

Guru is another general freelancer platform much like Upwork. We found many writing projects on Guru. We also found a lot of competition and low paying projects. It is still a good idea to create a profile and try to connect with the companies who post good project. Make yourself available everywhere!

19. Writers Labs

Writers Labs is another website that offers freelance projects and pays a set price depending on skill level and the complexity of the project. Their website states that you can expect to earn $5 – $26 per page. This can be another website to help you fill the time and earn extra cash.

20. iWriter

iWriter is another freelance writing platform. You can answer a few questions and if approved you’ll have access to many writing projects. Pay is 65% of the price of the article. Again this is not the best way to earn a full-time writing job, but this can be a great way to fill in the time when you don’t have work.

21. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a great freelancer platform. We found many wonderful writing jobs and projects. If you are looking for great companies to work with, this would be a great platform to check daily!

When it comes to making money writing online, it is different for everyone. Try everything and see which pays off the most. Full-time jobs will offer more security but are harder to land. Freelance jobs are easier to find but can be less secure and pay less. A good idea is to start using some of the paid platforms like iWriter and finding freelance work while you look for a full-time job.

Which platforms do you use to find writing jobs online?

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