Top 16 Remote Work Whiteboards Compared

Top 16 Remote Work Whiteboards Compared

Top Remote Work Whiteboards Compared

The whiteboard is a staple in our education and work culture. We use it to explain, remind, plan, design, and more. It is a magical white space for all to see and all to use. Now that offices are disappearing and the team is working from their homes, except for that one person who is in Thailand… Greece, or wherever. Just because the team is working remotely doesn’t mean you have to give up the whiteboard. In fact there are many digital whiteboards for remote teams with tons of awesome features.

In this list we will name the top remote work whiteboards and apps for remote teams to collaborate. You can compare each one and the pricing to determine which one is the best for your team.

Top remote work whiteboards for remote teams:

  1. Miro Whiteboard
Miro pricing and review. Top 16 Remote Work Whiteboards Compared

Miro is a very popular collaboration tool for remote teams. With Miro you can creatively design and collaborate in one beautiful digital space. Miro includes a great canvas space and many widgets for your team. You can also integrate with Google Drive, and many more. Miro is really great for creative team collaboration.

Miro Whiteboard Pricing:


1. Unlimited team members
2. 3 editable boards
4. Anonymous board viewers
5. more
Team$96/yr or $10/mo per member
1. Unlimited Boards
2. Private board sharing
3. Unlimited anonymous board editors
4. more
Business$192/yr per member
1. All team features, plus:
2. Single Sign-On
3. Day passes for occasional collaborators
4. External editors.
Many custom features for large companies and enterprise workflows.
  1. Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a really well designed creative whiteboard for remote teams and educators. If you need to make pdfs, presentations, creative videos, and more… then this is the perfect whiteboard for your remote team. We found that they had a lot of well designed features that were easy to use. We also loved that they have native apps for iPad, Android, Chromebook, and browser extensions. 

Explain Everything Pricing: 


1. Up to 3 projects
2. Use on any device
3. Voice Chat collaboration
4. Web Video Link Sharing
Individuals$6.99/mo or $69.99/yr
1. All Free Plan features +
2. Unlimited projects
3. Unlimited slides
4. 10GB Explain Drive storage
5. Unlimited recording
6. Email support
Teams$11.99/mo or $95.99/yr per user
1. All Individual Plan features +
2. Company account
3. Team shared folders
4. Advanced reporting
5. Advanced security & permissions
6. User management tools
7. Pooled storage
8. Premium support
  1. Stormboard
Stormboard pricing and review. Top 16 Remote Work Whiteboards Compared

If you need a lot of space and a great live collaboration tool then you may want to consider Stormboard. Stormboard is great for remote teams that need to share notes and organize ideas. This is mostly a sticky note design that can host your documents and features a remote whiteboard. 

Stormboard Pricing:


1. 5 open workplaces
2. 5 users per workplace
3. Microsoft Office 365 (view only)
4. Basic Reporting + Exports
5. Pre-made templates
6. Integrations
Business$10/mo or $99.96/yr per user
1. Unlimited open workplaces
2. Charge per user
3. Multiple Administrators
4. Office 365 live co-editing
5. Advanced Reporting + Exports
6. Pre-made templates
7. more
Enterprise$200/yr per user
1. All Business Features +VIP Support
2. Invoice Billing
3. Custom Terms of Service Agreement
4. Security Reviews + Access to SOC 2 Report
5. Agile Integrations for Jira, Azure DevOps, Rally, ServiceNow
6. more
  1. Limnu
Limnu pricing and review. Top 16 Remote Work Whiteboards Compared

Limnu is more of a real whiteboard feel. If you only need something to draw and jot down ideas, this is perfect for your remote team. This is a more simple design and cheaper pricing. 

Limnu Pricing: $5/mo for individuals or $8/mo per user for teams.

  1. Deskle

Deskle is a sticky note collaboration tool that allows you to map out ideas, and collaborate with your remote team. We found Deskle to be great for organizing remote team processes or assigning tasks such as content creation. Deskle also has very simple and affordable pricing. 

Deskle Pricing: Free with 3 boards or $6/mo per user

  1. Sketchboard
Sketchboard pricing and review. Top 16 Remote Work Whiteboards Compared

If you still need the whiteboard feel but need more features, then Sketchboard might be for you. Sketchboard is a remote whiteboard that has many features and is great for building diagrams. Sketchboard also integrates with Slack and Google Drive if your team is using these apps. If you need more than just a whiteboard, then you might want to consider one of the other options. 

Sketchboard Pricing: $7/mo – $45/mo and additional pricing per user. Check their pricing out here.

  1. GroupMap

GroupMap is a very wonderful and flexible remote whiteboard that allows your team to vote, rate, and collaborate on ideas. They include tons of templates and a very easy to use dashboard. If your team needs to vote or rate things then this is a great remote whiteboard for you.

GroupMap Pricing: $20/mo or $60/mo depending on what features you need and how big your team is.

  1. Whiteboard Fox

WhiteBoard Fox is the free and simple remote whiteboard for your team. If you need a very basic remote whiteboard quickly and don’t want to spend any money on it, this is the option for you. WhiteBoard Fox is free and simple to use. Note that anyone with the link can access your whiteboard so this is not a very secure option.

  1. GroupBoard

Another remote whiteboard with a great free option is GroupBoard. GroupBoard has more features than WhiteBoard Fox including live video chat with their paid options. If you need a simple drawing and sharing platform that has an inbuilt video, audio, and screen sharing option, then this is a great one to consider. They also have great pricing.

GroupBoard Pricing: Free – $19.99/mo – $24.99/mo

  1. AWW App

AWW App is a wonderful free remote whiteboard with many great and simple features. This whiteboard is very much like a regular whiteboard and allows you to try it out before even signing up! You can use the free version or pay for a few more features. We love that their plans are not per user and come with unlimited users.

AWW App Pricing: Free – $10/mo or $96/yr – $75/mo or $720/yr

  1. Conceptboard

Conceptboard is for companies or remote teams that need to collaborate with different types of content. Conceptboard allows users to create boards with sticky notes, drawings, videos, graphs, documents, and more. It also comes with excellent security to protect your documents. They have an unlimited free plan that is great for really small teams or to get your team started.

Conceptboard Pricing: Free – $7.50/mo or $72/yr – $12/mo or $114/yr

  1. Mural

Mural is a great remote whiteboard that allows your team to work in one space together, either on the same project or separate. Their features include file storage, project management, visual collaboration, video chat, and more. Mural is a more advanced whiteboard which features a sticky note type platform to organize your remote team.

Mural Pricing: $16/mo or $144/yr per membership – $240/yr per membership

  1. zipBoard

zipBoard is a remote whiteboard that is designed for collaborating on web design, debugging, or courses. If you are a design agency, then this is the perfect option for you. You can create a project and track its progress with your team. You can also track and collaborate using URLs.

zipBoard Pricing: 

1 Review File/URL1 ProjectUnlimited Collaborators
Starter$49/mo or $468/yr5 Review Files/URLsUnlimited ProjectsUnlimited CollaboratorsTeam$89/mo or $948/yr20 Review Files/URLsUnlimited ProjectsUnlimited CollaboratorsVideo Recording to capture issuesIntegrationsExport To CSV
  1. ZiteBoard

ZiteBoard is a very traditional remote whiteboard. It has some extra features like chat and collaboration tools. This is a great board for educational purposes, but can also be used for business. If you are a remote team collaborating and need more features you might want something else. They do have a free version if you want to give it a try and test it before you commit.

ZiteBoard Pricing: Free – $5 Week – $9 Month – $85 Year


If you need a simple and free remote whiteboard to collaborate or share an idea with your team, is the perfect tool. Their remote whiteboard has some very simple features and is very easy to use and share. You can even chat with your team. Give it a try for free on their website!

  1. FlatFrog Board

If you have offices and remote workers you may want to consider FlatFrog which works with Dell and NEC touch displays. You can use FlatFrog for free with Dell and NEC. If you need to use it in the office then the cost is $35/mo per room. Remote and local whiteboard is $50/mo per room. 

Remote teams can face a lot of trouble when it comes to collaboration. The good old fashioned whiteboard is a really great tool that helps us map our ideas, debug, and more. Remote whiteboards are the perfect answer. It is important to make sure that you explore all of your options and find the one that will suit your needs. We hope that this helped you. 

What remote whiteboard does your team use? Let us know in the comments!

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