How to make a group on Snapchat.

How to make a group on Snapchat.

How to make a group on Snapchat.

Did you know there’s more than one way to use Snapchat for your business and friends?

Most people only use Snapchat Stories and for direct messages; but did you know that you can also create groups?

Here’s how to make a Snapchat Group

1. Go to your friends screen and click on the chat bubble in the top right.

2. Select those who you want to add to the Group.

3. Name your Snapchat group and start chatting.

How to make a group on Snapchat.

Here is a great step by step guide to help you create your own Snapchat group.

1. Click on the chat icon in the top corner of your Snapchat friends screen.

Swipe to get to your friends list and then in the top right corner click on the chat button. This is also the same button that you use to create a new message.

How to make a group on Snapchat.

2. Select friends that you want to add to the Snapchat group.

Create your group by clicking on each person that you want to add to the snapchat group. When a friend is added, you will see their name on the top and a blue check by their name. Once you have selected everyone, click on Chat with Group at the bottom.

How to make a group on Snapchat.

3. Name Snapchat Group and start chatting.

Click on Name Group at the top to give your Snapchat group a name. Now you can chat with your entire Snapchat group from this screen. Chatting with a snapchat group is the same as chatting with a single person. Chats sent to the group will automatically delete after 24 hours.

If you want to edit the snapchat group, you can do so by clicking on the Pic in the top left corner. This will bring you to a screen where you can add members, rename the group, save photos and videos in the chat, clear conversations history, change notifications, and view Charms.

How to make a group on Snapchat.

How to make a Snapchat group!

Yay! You made your first Snapchat group! Snapchat groups are great for a group of friends who want to stay connected. Snapchat groups are also great for business. You might be thinking, how are Snapchat groups great for business?

Snapchat groups are great for business in two ways. The first is for employees to stay connected. Snapchat is a fun way for employees to share experience, and communicate. The second way is to integrate snapchat groups into your marketing strategy. With snapchat groups, you can create exclusive groups for your customers and share updates with specific customers. You can also create clubs, and VIP type memberships using Groups. We always recommend thinking outside of the box and interacting with customers in new ways that will make them remember you.

Happy Snapchatting!

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