How to get listed on Google.

How to get listed on Google.

How to get listed on Google.

Many estimate that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice. The majority of those searches right now are people looking for directions or local business information. Having listing and claiming your listing on Google, makes your information available to searching customers. Google’s listing service called Google My Business offers many features. Here is how to post and claim your business on Google.

1. Go to Google My Business.

You can get started by going to Google My Business and clicking on Manage now. Google My Business is completely free and will be able to link to your other Google accounts such as Ad, Search Console, and other business tools. So be sure to use the same Google account that you use for your other Google products. It will make life much simpler.

How to get listed on google step 1 go to google my business.

2. Type in your business name.

Type in your business name exactly how you want it to show on your listing. If your business is already listed, then it will come up and you will be able to claim it. If it is not listed, then you will create a new listing by clicking on Next.

How to get listed on google step 2 type in your business name.

3. Choose whether your business has a location or is remote.

Next Google will give you the choice between a physical location or a remote business. If your business has a location where customers will visit, then you will choose yes. If you are a remote business, like an online store; then you will press no. If you choose yes, then make sure that you type the address in exactly the same as you do for other listings. Having the address entered exactly on each platform such as yellowpages, Google, Bing, ect; will increase your SEO. Tools like RepZily is great because you can update them all with the exact same information in one place.

How to get listed on google step 3 choose if business has location or is remote.

4. Enter your location information.

If you have a physical location, then you will enter the address. If you chose remote, then you will see an option like the one in the pic here. If you serve a specific area or even country, the you will want to specify here. This is will prevent being bombarded with request from people outside your service area. You can also use the Search and select areas and use the map to breakdown the areas that you serve. Once you are done, click Next.

How to get listed on google step 4 enter location information.

5. Choose the category that best fits your business.

In the next step you will choose the category that best fits your business. Google has pre-loaded categories. If your business fits in a few different categories, try to choose the one that the majority of your customers will search for. Once you found your category, click Next.

How to get listed on google step 5 select business category.

6. Enter your contact information for customers.

Now you will be asked to enter your business’s contact phone number and website if you have one. If you do not have a website, then you may qualify for a free website from Google. We highly recommend that you create your own or hire someone to make a website for you. Many people use Google listings to find phone numbers and navigate to your website for more information. With tools like RepZily you can view analytics such as how many people click the call button. Once you have entered your business contact information press the Next button.

How to get listed on google step 6 enter contact information.

7. Submit your information.

Next press the Finish button to submit your information.

How to get listed on google step 7 submit information.

8. Enter your mailing address to verify ownership.

Now enter a physical address for Google to verify ownership. To verify your Google My Business listing, Google will send you a postcard with a verification code. The postcard should arrive withing 14 days. Once received you will login and click on verify my account in your dashboard. Now you have successfully listed your business on Google and have gained access to all Google My Business offers.

how to get listed on google step 8 verify

9. Explore the dashboard and update further information.

Google My Business has many features. From the dashboard you will want to add a description, logo, pictures, and business hours. You can also create posts that will be shared with your customers. Posts are a great way to spread news or deals to your customers. You can also add products and services that you offer to the information on your listing. You can also view Reviews from the dashboard, as well as link your other Google accounts.

google my business dashboard example.

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